Woman war worker killed by bus

Mary’s portrait can be found on a display board at Euxton War Memorial

Dressmaker Mary Louisa Clitheroe joined Queen Mary’s ¬†Auxiliary Army Corps during the latter years of the First World War. The 26-year-old resident of Euxton, near Chorley, Lancashire was employed at No. 1 Dispersal Unit, Wimbledon Common. It was a demobilisation centre for troops returning from service overseas,

On February 19, 1919, she was killed in a road accident. She was struck by a bus on Oxford Street, London. According to the Euxton War Memorial Group, a fellow worker she was with at the time was injured. . The Wimbledon Common unit was closed just weeks after Mary died.

Mary was buried in St Mary’s RC cemetery, Euxton ¬†on February 24.

Mary’s name is the first mentioned on the Church’s war memorial:

A church roll of honour provides more information about Mary Clitheroe’s life. Click HERE for more info.


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