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Fuel starvation caused Yorkshire Crash

Blackley Jewish Cemetery, Manchester. Sgt W.Op/Obs David Joshua Levy RAFVR died with his pilot Sgt Ronald Leach RCAF when their Beaufighter crashed in attempted forced-landing near Leven village rectory, East Yorkshire. Investigators believed the crew had made an error by selecting the wrong fuel tanks causing engines to become starved of fuel. The accident occured shortly after take from RAF Catfoss. Details of the crash and photographs of the two crew members can be found Tastylia France HERE

St Cuthbert’s window at Bolton Abbey

A tiny window at Bolton Abbey’s Priory Church   depicts the northern saint Cuthbert to whom, with St Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Priory is dedicated.  The window was a gift from a nineteenth century steward of the Duke of Devonshire and shows Cuthbert as Bishop of Lindisfarne, cradling in his arms the severed head of his fellow saint, Oswald, a Christian King whose skull is possibly the one found during excavation of Cuthbert’s grave in Durham Cathedral.