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Woman war worker killed by bus

Mary’s portrait can be found on a display board at Euxton War Memorial

Dressmaker Mary Louisa Clitheroe joined Queen Mary’s  Auxiliary Army Corps during the latter years of the First World War. The 26-year-old resident of Euxton, near Chorley, Lancashire was employed at No. 1 Dispersal Unit, Wimbledon Common. It was a demobilisation centre for troops returning from service overseas,

On February 19, 1919, she was killed in a road accident. She was struck by a bus on Oxford Street, London. According to the Euxton War Memorial Group, a fellow worker she was with at the time was injured. . The Wimbledon Common unit was closed just weeks after Mary died.

Mary was buried in St Mary’s RC cemetery, Euxton  on February 24.

Mary’s name is the first mentioned on the Church’s war memorial:

A church roll of honour provides more information about Mary Clitheroe’s life. Click HERE for more info.

Catholic Volunteer who fought in a little remembered war

In 2014, I visited Birkdale Roman Catholic Cemetery on the edge of Southport.Looking through my images recently, I hadn’t realised the significance of one particular memorial until now. It mentioned Daniel Henry Shee – Late Pontifical Zouaves 1867-1870 and Superintent of Birkdale Farm Reformatory School 1877 – 1909. Capt Shee was a Knight of Pius & Papal war hero. The story of the Papal Zouves is one of great heroism by a multinational force of Catholic volunteers [shades of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War]. The organisation’s history is detailed HERE

The school, which became an Approved School in 1933, had a troubled beginning and it was Capt Shee’s arrival that saw much improvement in its operation made. A very useful history of the school can be read HERE

A transcription of the staff members and the ‘scholars under detention’ is available HERE