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Mission Cross at Osbaldeston

This Mission Cross was erected in 1855 at St Mary’s, Osbaldeston. The Reverend Lawrence Johnson – Parish Priest 1894-97 -who died in 1897 was buried beneath it. The stone plaque on the supporting base notes he was ‘buried as he desired beneath this cross.’ Note the ‘Passion Tools’ on the cross. When I posted these images on Twitter, a French Academic asked whether it was usual to have passion tools, ladder and crown on crosses in UK? He said they were common the French Alps (Savoi). Has anyone seen similar?

Grave Art at Little Hulton

Grave Art on the Greenhalgh family gravestone at the Wharton Lane Presbyterian churchyard, Little Hulton. It’s a bit of a hike to get to along a country track. The church was founded around 1850 and closed around 1970. The building was at risk of mining subsidence from the local pits, so the members began to worship in a different venue and the old church was demolished. The small graveyard is all that remains: